America the Anxious– New York Times

Guilt Trip- New York Times

How We All Started Working for Free– The Independent

How the Mail Online Turned Us Into Misogyny Addicts– The Independent

Moral Judgements Have No Place in the Benefits System– The Independent

As Long As the Catholic Church Pushes Homophobia It Shouldn’t Be Running State Schools– The Independent

Having it All is Not A Women’s Issue- The Independent

Two Arrogant Posh Boys?  Time to Stop the Inverted Snobbery– The Independent

Even the Slaughter of Six Year Olds Won’t Alter the Twisted Logic of the US Gun Lobby– The Independent

Ann Romney is the Real Republican Threat to Women– The Independent

How Much Do You Want To Know About Your Baby– The Independent (under pseudonym)

How Corporate America is Turning Into a Cult and Why It’s Harming the American Worker- Huffington Post

Want your Kids To Grow Up Thinking Men are More Important Than Women? Read Them Children’s Books– Huffington Post

When Religion Enters Politics, Women Are the Losers– Huffington Post

Hot Pants or Hot Air?– The F-Word


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