Month: August 2014

What do you do when another woman breastfeeds your toddler, and other dilemmas from the crazy badlands of California parenthood.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in California for nearly three years.  Come check out my column about some of the loopier aspects of being a parent over here, for new British lifestyle magazine Motherland.  If you like it, why not come and visit me on my new website (and sign up for email updates over there)

California Screaming

“I have a dilemma, and I need your advice” my friend Jennifer confides. We are at her house for a social arrangement that back in London would have been pitched as “come over and we’ll ignore the children,” but over here is known as a “playdate.” The kids are jacked up on organic figs and running round in maniacal circles, screeching. In California this is called ‘self-directed play’.

“What’s up?” I ask.
“I think my daughter’s been breastfed by another woman.”

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