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Is crack the key to happiness?

I did an interview with the Anton Savage Show on Irish Radio station Today FM which was broadcast this morning.  It was a lot of fun chewing over some of the big questions I discuss in my book, The Pursuit of Happiness and Why It’s Making Us Anxious – why parents are unhappy compared to people without kids, why Mormons are the happiest people in America and the dark secrets of the strange ‘happiness city’ I visited in the Nevada desert.  Although I fear I might have accidentally suggested at the end that the key to happiness is crack.  Oops.  It sounds better when you say it in an Irish accent.


You can listen to the podcast here., and if you want to read more, you can order the book here, or buy it in any good bookshop.  Thanks!



America the Anxious

Since moving to the States nearly a year ago, I’ve noticed that the Americans are obsessed with the search for happiness. A definite culture shock from the ingrained cynicism of the British. But does looking for happiness really work? Or does it just end in anxiety and misery? This week I’ve been writing about the phenomenon in the New York Times. Click on the link below to take a look. If you like it, or if you don’t, then I would love it if you would leave me a comment there on the site. And ideally Facebook share or tweet it. Thanks for reading!

New York Times: America the Anxious