Ann Romney: The Real Republican Threat to Women

Ann Romney has been given the task of ‘humanising’ her automaton husband Mitt and bringing in female voters.  Recent polls suggest that her campaign is working, with the two candidates now neck and neck among women.  But deceptively apolitical, Ann is using her unique position to push a powerful and damaging anti- feminist message.  I’ve written about it here at the Independent today.  Take a look!   Leave me a comment over there on the Independent site, and ideally Facebook like it and/or tweet it.  Thank you!

Read it here



  1. As someone who has no intention of voting for Romney, I’m a bit confused by this piece. You seem to be saying that women are women’s worst enemy. So what if large numbers of women like the idea of being housewives? Don’t they have a right to live the way they want to?

  2. Hi Judithann. Thanks for reading/ commenting. Of course everyone has the right to live however they want to (within reason.) I’m not arguing that women (or men) should not be homemakers. My point was more that Romney’s rhetoric allows women (including herself) to be patronised in the public sphere and treated as emotional rather than thinking voters.

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