As Long As the Catholic Church Pushes Homophobia, It Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Run State Schools

This is my new piece up at the Independent. Recent revelations show that Catholic Schools have been pushing an anti-gay agenda in the classroom. With suicide rates amongst gay teens shown to increase when schools create a homophobic environment, should the Church really be allowed to be educating vulnerable children? Please check it out, and ideally like it, tweet it, or leave a comment. Thanks so much.


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  1. Thank you for your article. My daughter attended a Catholic secondary school because that’s where all her friends went. As a lesbian mother it was extremely difficult for me and my partner to take part in any school activities although I’d been an active member of pta groups at her previous school. My daughter felt more uncomfortable about being open about our family set up at school and worried about being victimised. When she decided to drop religious studies to concentrate on her other O levels this was handled completely unprofessionally. The headmaster talked to me about his great disappointment, the difficulty of his position when he had to explain to the governors, his fear that other students would follow suit and finally tried to haggle dropping other subjects history, and p.e. in order to ‘fit’ R.E. back in. I strongly believe our state schools should not be run by or have links to religious groups.


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