UK Abortion Law Needs an Urgent Rethink Before We Turn Into America

Come and read my new post about UK abortion law and the Coalition Government’s attack on a woman’s right to choose. It’s on the Huffington Post right here.

Thank you!


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  1. I agree with your assessment of what is happening to women’s rights over abortion and ability to decide when to reproduce. It’s a pity Andrew Lansley did not ensure cosmetic surgery clinics were using suitable silicone implants in the same way as he is now checking the forms completed in abortion clinics. However, I think it is clear he is not really interested in women’s safety but rather in limiting the rights of 50% of the population when it comes to abortion. A woman can go out and have any kind of weird so called ” cosmetic procedure” done to their body and their ability to make that decision is not questioned but woebetide a woman thinking that she is a grown adult who does not want to carry a cluster of cells to full term. She is a silly, fluffy female who is incapable of making that decision for herself. In those circumstances, a woman becomes merely a walking incubator and the rights of the cluster of cells suddenly take precedence over the woman’s life. It is the 21st Century when are women going to be allowed to take full responsibilty for their own bodies?

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